Guide to Successful Digitization of Assets for Exit Readiness 

ONLINE EVENT | August 26th, 2021 | 10 AM EST

About This Event

Increasing EBITDA margins across the buy-and-build lifecycle is every private equity firm's goal. Using data to expose inefficiencies and drive higher revenue is a proven way to drive the resell value of SME's.

Today's challenge is making sure your assets are data-driven and your digitization projects are successful. It's easy to get lost in the data industry these days but we're here to provide guidance.

What we will cover:

  • Addressing real issues within data projects facing SME's.

  • 5 ways to increase project success and asset adoption of digitization. 

  • Real examples & Best practices you should follow when taking on data projects.

This is not just a webinar. You will also receive a 30-minute consultation, offering no-obligation, one-on-one advice, and a chance to share ideas with other industry leaders. 

Because We're here to help!


Learn from industry experts:

JOON Solutions CEO

Jonathan Barrett

12 Years working with Global 2000 enterprises and pushing advancements in data science through modern technology.

Co-Founder Joon Solutions

Marco Sollie

Head of multiple successful enterprise projects. ML/AI expert and Joon Solutions Co-Founder.

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Only 23% of companies have a data strategy - IBM

60% of businesses find it difficult to source talented data teams 

Companies can achieve 802% ROI using data effectively - Forrester

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