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Why Joon Solutions loves Airbyte and you should too!

Airbyte is an excellent open-source data integration tool. Airbyte is an open-source data pipeline platform that serves as an alternative to other ETL tools in the market. Though existing data pipeline platforms offer a significant number of integrations with well-regarded sources like Segment and Salesforce, there is a gap in the current model that leaves out small services integrations.

Airbyte solves this problem by building and maintaining connectors while fostering a community of users who benefit from one another’s custom connectors. It’s common practice for companies to build custom connectors to support their applications. Airbyte’s open-source model creates a community wherein companies can support one another by building and maintaining their unique connectors.

ETL needs open source because it grants you direct access to correct code errors. Instead of losing time with back-and-forth support tickets, you have the required access to edit the code, clean up your data, and move on to the next task.

With open-source, you’re no longer at the mercy of your ETL provider. Instead of trying to convince them that the kind of connector you require is worth the time and money spent on developing and maintaining it, you can bypass your ETL provider altogether and move forward with the help of the Airbyte community as you build the connector you need.

Airbyte’s open-source model increases efficiency across the board. Instead of having to depend on a customer service team to tackle your request over several business days, you gain autonomy to debug at will. Cut the time it takes to fix issues in more than half by fixing any bugs yourself.

Open-source is especially great for teams like Joon Solutions as we are doing a lot of custom connector builds already. This way when we create something, we can share it with the community. If you are looking to build some custom connectors with Airbyte, Joon is here to support. Fill out the form on the right for a free deployment, assessment and one hour co development session with our engineers. Also check out some of our helpful articles below. 

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