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Freebies from Airflow and Joon!

Free Airflow deployment


Co-develop one DAG for free

Apache airflow

Why Joon Solutions loves Airflow and you should too!

Airflow is being chosen more and more by companies to manage data pipelines and schedule jobs across the modern data stack. Apache Airflow is offering a high quality platform to organize, execute and monitor your workflows so that they work seamlessly.

We love Airflow, and you should too! It offers you the possibility to build, run and manage your data pipelines as code. This most popular open source orchestrator can be deployed for free at your company by Joon, as well can we co-develop one dag for free.

If you need any help with future or current projects at your company, then look no further, we have you covered! Fill out the form on this page to qualify for our offer. Don’t forget to check out our related articles below:

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