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Why Joon Solutions loves dbt and you should too!

With the rise of the Modern Data Stack, more and more people use dbt as the main tool for data transformations, aka data modeling. The folks at dbt Labs, formerly known as Fishtown Analytics, create an amazing tool that suits the needs of data teams, large and small. With dbt Cloud, any Analyst, seasoned or fresh, can easily start modeling and deploying data transformations pipelines to production.

We love dbt, and we use it for almost all of our consulting projects. There are so many cool pre-made packages in the dbt hub that dramatically improve your productivity. For example, Fivetran has created pre-made starter models for many common sources such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. dbt Labs also created some great starters packages, such as dbt-utils, audit-helper, and code-gen.

When starting a project with a new client, we often go through the same steps to set up a new dbt project. After integrating data from sources to a data warehouse, we use the code-gen package to generate source schemas with all the tables in it. We also use the same package to generate base models for our tables, where we can rename columns and do some simple transformations.

If you need any help with future or current projects look no further, Joon Solutions has you covered. Fill out the form on this page to qualify for free development sessions, dbt deployments or dbt environment assessments. Also be sure to check out our useful articles below:

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