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Special offers from Firebolt and Joon!

2 week free trial with POC


Co-development session with the Joon Team


Why Joon Solutions loves Firebolt and you should too!

We love Firebolt for it's customizability and ability to take advantage of bespoke hardware configurations. They are faster than anything you’ve seen, at data-lake scale. Deliver sub-second and highly concurrent analytics experiences over big and granular data, fueled by Firebolt’s storage and compute-optimized technology.

Firebolt boasts insane performance. Deliver an order of magnitude gain in query performance, enabling sub-second analytics at TB++ scale. No need to scan large datasets thanks to sparse indexing and a proprietary file format, and you can even take it a step further with Firebolt’s Join and Aggregating indexes.

If you need any help with future or current projects look no further, Joon Solutions has you covered. Fill out the form on this page to qualify for a two week trial with free initial historic sync on your connectors and one free co-development of a connector.  Also be sure to check out our useful articles below:

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